Monday, June 6, 2011


Can you see that? Yeah! Awesome giveaway from an awesome blogger! 

well one will recieve:
1 x butterball bath bomb
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1 x Rimmel Vinyl Gloss in Fashion Icon

The other Winner will recieve:
1 x Mar bar Bubble bar
1 x BBW Lotion in Passion Fruits
1 x UD Make-up Setting spray
1 x Sephora Flashyliner waterproof in Deep Black
1 x Rimmel Lipstick in Nostalgia
1 x Anna Sui Tote


Misskatv's Birthday Sigma Brush (F80) Lovely Giveaway!

Hey Ladies,

Another giveaway from a fellow filipina! Who wouldn't love that right? Guess what, She celebrated her birthday last May 13, 2011 and she wants to celebrate her birthday with us girls! Come on join the fun now! CLICK HERE!!

Aya's Birthday Giveaway: Sigma Flat Top Kabuki (F80)!

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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Madiha's Makeup Blog 2000+ Followers Giveaway!

Lovely Madiha would like to spread the love to her followers! OPEN WORLD WIDE GUYS!

*First winner will receive FOUR mac eyeshadow refill pans
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Third winner will get BH cosmetics 120 palette 2nd edition.

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer End lovely giveaway from Ms. Pammy!

Don't forget to join Ms. Pammy's Summer End lovely giveaway!

The lovely giveaway is composed of:
  1. Benefit Crescent Row EDP Vials.
  2. 3 Flirt Lipglosses with case 
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The give away is only for people residing in the Philippines. :)


Thank you so much! 
xoxo - Wy

Monday, January 3, 2011

Stress is surrounding me!

                    Now back to the original schedule 5:00 - 9:00 pm of the review, I was just thinking on how to plan and balance my time for blogging, exercise, rest, and school! I kinda felt tired today since I wake up, like I don't wanna go to school and have that long travel that I've been doing since 2007?

                   Anyways, preparing for a long travel, i was wondering who would be our new reviewer and what topics would she be discussing. Okay, being not late again but still feeling tired, our professor arrived! Shockingly and unexpectedly, our professor for neuro was the ineffective professor. My cousin joined the other section with the same topic but with a better professor. Tomorrow, we're planning to join the other section, and ask our friends to write down our names in the attendance sheet. Goodnight!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A healthy walk in the Manila Bay Side

                       Getting up early for a review in school? I just don't wanna get out of the bed. :( Yes. I'm just that lazy. :)) I had no choice because my school is far from my house. And 12 hours of review? (6 hours of review in med-surg and 6 hours of review in community nursing! WTF.)

                       Yey! I was so happy that I was not late ( because the prof started lecturing 30mins after the original time). I just dont like the way she explained the topic, because she didn't give us any pneumonics or any steps on how we could be familiarize with her lectures. Gees. But, I still did my best to listen to what she says..until, another professor came by to tell us that our review for CHN later is cancelled! :) So, I sent a message to my boyfriend telling that my class later was already cancelled so we should have a date!

                       My boyfriend waited for like 1 1/2 hour inside Mall of Asia (Our hotspot!), because I need to travel all way long from Valenzuela to Pasay. The hell? But, I'm just that lucky my boyfriend didn't get mad. Hehe! Our new year's resolution is to be fit and healthy, to slim down and burn calories! And yeah, we kept on walking and walking while thinking what we're going to do that time. We did some window shopping and canvasing on some stuff, we didn't stop until our feet got weak and we felt hungry. There were so many people that time and I just realized that it was Sunday.

                      Suddenly, feeling hungry, "Mang Inasal" came into my mind  (those unlimited rice, chickens, halo-halo, ice cream, etc), but we're like on a diet. But it's true that once you starved, you cannot avoid temptation. So whatever it is, we dropped by in "Mang Inasal" and ordered some chicken barbecue with rice (that was wrapped in banana leaves) and halo-halo! What's nice about this fast-food chain is they offer unlimited rice! :) We just had two extra rice for the two of us! The food tasted good! :)

                       After eating, we went to power station because he wanted to play that drag race stuff. (I dunno.) Then, this japan made photobooth suddenly caught my eye but it's too expensive! I promise I'll go back once we have the budget for that photobooth. Planning for a long walk to burn the calories down, I told him that we should go to the bay side. There were so many people (families, couples, group of friends, and some loners who just wanted to feel the spirit of the season). While walking, a cruise caught our eye then my boyfriend suggested that we should try it. Obviously, the station of that cruise is on the end of the bayside, so we walked on the left end part of the bay side and unfortunately the station isn't located there. So, we just walked by along the bay side, realizing that there were so many amusements and activities you could do there. There was an area for a bungee jumping activity for people who loves sports and wants to relieve stress.  There were also wet markets where you can find dealers of some seafood. There were also restaurants where you can eat while watching the sunset in Manila Bay. You would also see some performers like bands, solo singers, and some performers where they do some robotic moves (i just dunno what they are called! hahaha!). There was also a club that is newly built, I forgot the name but I'm gonna put the name here once i get back there. Surprisingly, we saw the station of the cruise and we just realized we reach the other side of the bay side. 

                    Well, its not stressful while walking with someone you love. I just cherish every second when I'm with him. It's a great way to start the new year with someone you love.  And I just needed to go because its already 9:00 pm. I'm just like Cinderella except that her curfew is 12:00 and mine is earlier. My boyfriend waited for me to ride on the bus before he went home. Bye Bye time!